Raycaster Online

Raycaster Online is a place to play retro themed raycaster games on any device, right from within your web browser. The engine supports keyboard/mouse, gamepad and touch inputs, so the games are suitable to be played on any device class, from phone to desktop to TV.

There are two components associated with Raycaster Online, the Raycast Player and Raycast Studio.

Raycast Studio is a full featured game creation studio, providing all of the tools you need to create different types of games using retro raycasting technology. After you have created a game, you may distribute your Raycast Game file (*.rsg) in any manner in which you choose. Eventually you will also be able to submit game projects right here to the Raycaster Online website for easy distribution and visibility, I just have not gotten that implemented yet.

The Raycast Player is the online game player and engine used to run and play games created with Raycast Studio. Raycast Player offers several easy ways for players to launch their Raycast Game files. Players can browse their filesystem for a Raycast Game. They can also install the Raycast Player to their system (it is a Progressive Web App) which will then associate *.rsg files to the player, allowing players to launch Raycast Games by simply opening them on their system like any other file. Raycast Game developers can also upload their compiled game file to their own server and pass the game file URL into Raycast Player as a URL parameter for easy launching.

I have a lot of plans for Raycaster Online so be sure to bookmark the site and check back often. If you've ever wanted to try to make your own retro raycaster game but lack programming knowledge, give Raycast Studio a try. The goal is to make the software so easy that anyone can pick up and make their own raycaster game with minimal knowledge. The goal with the Raycast Player is to make it run great on any device and be very simple for Players to play and discover Raycaster games from different developers.

I do not have a specific forum/support community set up for Raycaster Online yet, so for now if you have any questions/comments/suggestions/bug reports, please use the Other Apps Forum at Ape Apps.